Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Mold in a commercial building space

This commercial office space was affected with mold from the results of a broken water pipe. This water leak was undetected for an extended period of time. SE... READ MORE

Mold in a commercial warehouse

This restroom in a commercial factory had mold to begin to grow on the base of the wall. SERVPRO was called to evaluate the job and remediate the problem. W... READ MORE

Cleanup in a commercial building basement

SERVPRO was contacted to clean an abandoned building after the new owner purchased it. The basement was dirty and molded from being closed up and not used for ... READ MORE

Cleanout of walk in freezer unit

This walk in freezer unit had a issue causing it to allow the contents inside to go bad. SERVPRO was contacted to remove the damaged food products and clean th... READ MORE

HVAC Duct cleaning in Gym

The air ducts in this local gym were extremely dirty from years of dust and dirt settling on top of the metal ducting. The dirt had accumulated so much that wh... READ MORE

Commercial water damage

SERVPRO of Forest and Magee was called to help a local commercial building which experienced a sprinkler head burst on a Sunday evening. This resulted in exten... READ MORE